China-Africa Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization



is on the mission to advance innovative projects toward commercialization. It accomplishes this by providing a veritable platform to move technologies from the lab into the market, thus contributing to regional economic development

We also support regional communities in their efforts towards improving their regional technology
competency and workforce. This is by partnering with research institutes and technological hubs across
China and Africa to influence new business ventures while also strengthening existing ones.


What we do


We invest heavily in new, cutting-edge ideas and innovations with great potentials to break through commercial products and help to secure good future for workforce development. This is by building a diversified innovation cooperation network that promotes socio-economic development and well-being of member states.

Technology Scouting

CACTTC through its technology center identifies emerging technologies, extract technology-related information, and channel the technologies into the appropriate platform for further support. In other words, it serves as a support system for innovative companies to achieve their goals in the midst of numerous technologies and the increasing complexity of products and services..


We also offer innovation workshops and conferences where research entrepreneurs are exposed to high-impact research as well as learn how they can benefit from emerging technologies. Also, through these events, member states are provided matchmaking information for a significant number of projects they may be undergoing. Read more


To bring together agencies and professionals into scientific and technological cooperation to facilitate as well as commercialize innovation elements between China and Africa communities in a way that supports a shared technological future and future research activities, thus improving lives and communities.


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Center for Technology Transfer & Commercialization

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